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For all the business owners and managers, we present a simplistic yet truly reforming change.

Simple, affordable and definitely worth a try 😉

Experience OFFER creation IN YOUR FINGERTIps

The GS App allows users to create offers dynamically using a simple chat interface, with spaces for personalisations using a single platform. Click > input > publish

Step 01 : Quick store registration

You start with registering your store by filling in the few necessary store information for basic authentication.

STEP 02 : Create OFFER

Create the best offer for customers in simple steps. Add items. Set the price. Preview the offer before making it live. Edit changes and proceed.

Step 03 : PUBLISH

Pick the best plan that suits your requirement and GO LIVE! The offers get listed on a dedicated web platform as well for customers access. You also receive shareable links which can be further forwarded to bigger circuits depending upon your needs.

grow your business

Cutting down expenses made over the conventional method can definitely add up to resourcefulness. Reduce your efforts, increase your gains by letting GS engine make your life easier and simpler so you enjoy what you do the best – doing business!

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe
Store Manager

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