GetStorify App | Create your first story

GetStorify App | Create your first story

A test story

Hi! Now that you've installed the app and done the basic setup, let's go ahead and quickly understand how to create a story.

To make it simpler, we shall create a test story which is nothing but your first post using the Getstorify app.

Step 01. Start the app and come to the 'create story' screen.

Select 'Create a new story'.

Step 02. Type a storyname, description and choose 'Create'.

Step 03. Start adding content using the chat interface.

The next window shall be your workspace to create content for your first story.


You can type text (headlines, bodytext) and also attach documents, images, videos, audio files, gifs, links, locations etc. as a part of your story content.

Once the various elements are added you can check if the content got synced which is confirmed with the single ticks turning into double ticks.

The edit mode in the top right corner allows you to re-align the content bits by moving them up & down as per the required order.

Once you're done select the 'right tick mark' and choose the 'back icon'.

Step 04 : Check preview and publish options for your first draft.

The first draft gets added in the 'create story' section.

Now you can explore options to preview and publish your story.

Step 05 : Choose 'Publish' option to post your story.

You can can add categories (eg : photography, journal, work, blog etc.), as well as hashtags for your story. Once you're done, select 'Publish'

Congratulations! Your first story is published! 😀

The secret of getting ahead is getting started!

Go ahead and share your story!

Keep sharing. Keep inspiring!

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